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Water and fire. They are two opposing sides of the spectrum, but they can be equally as destructive to your home or business. Every year, many families and business owners deal with flooding and fire damage. Not always, but often, this damage can be mitigated through preventative measures. Here at M&M Fire Protection & Security, we have a number of solutions that can assist you in responding to these threats.

Sensing Water | The Flowing Damage Causer

It never seems to fail. You leave town for a day or two and… water leaks occur. Left unchecked, water damage can be incredibly devastating. Many of us have used the old school water sensors that beep when the metal contacts come in contact with water. These work great and are reliable. However, they don’t do much good if you are out of the house or out of physical earshot. If you are concerned about your business, these aren’t very useful after hours. Fortunately, technology has lifted the humble water sensor to become part of an entire smart security ecosystem. 

Our water leak and freeze detectors connect directly to your overall security system. This means that you are alerted directly on your security panel and via an alert pushed to your desired smart device. This means you can act quickly and confidently if a dreaded leak occurs.  

Fire & Smoke | The Smoke Alarm for the 21st Century

Old fashioned smoke alarms have also gotten the smart upgrade treatment recently. The new smoke detectors we offer go beyond the simple alarm klaxon, and offer LED status indicators and full smart device communication. This means that you can receive battery change alerts, cleaning reminders, and more. The transmitter can send alarm, tamper, maintenance, and battery condition messages to the system’s receiver. This added functionality can greatly increase the chance you remember to complete the crucial smoke alarm maintenance that is required to ensure safe and continued operation.[Similar systems are available to detect Carbon Monoxide. In fact, there are a number of systems that combine these functionalities into one easy to install unit. Click here for more!]

Your Local Experts | M&M Fire Protection & Security

Keeping Your Family Safe - M&M Fire Protection & Security - Safety and Security Systems for Elkhart County and all of Michiana

M&M Fire Protection & Security stands ready to assist you in implementing the whole home safety solution that is right for you and your family. Utilizing our hard-won security expertise, we work to tailor each project to fit each of our client’s particular wants and needs. From fire protection equipment to fully integrated security systems, our expert technicians are ready to serve YOU throughout our Michiana area!

About Us: Serving the Michiana region since 1993, M&M is your local security company with nationwide expertise. Headquartered in Goshen, Indiana, we are proud to be a member of our vibrant, growing community. Contact our team of expert technicians today for more! [Click here to drop us a line.]


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