Access Control for Home & Business – Key Fobs, Badges, Gates & More

Even with the advancements in the field of passive security systems such as cameras and motion detectors, physical security tools have not gone away. In fact, combining access control systems with your overall security system is often the easiest and most affordable way to greatly increase the potency of your safety and security plan. There are a number of access control systems that can help you with your overall access management process. Let’s get started!

Driveway Gate Control

Adding a gate to your home’s driveway can give you the extra privacy and security that you may be seeking. Our team can assist in providing the smart systems required to make sure it is easy and convenient to use. This can include keypad control, control via a key fob or badge, and audio and video communication.

Like the rest of our fleet of safety and security systems, this can be accessed from a traditional control panel and from a computer or your smart device. As you can see, your phone/tablet is truly becoming the mobile control center for your home or business security needs! However, this can only truly happen if your overall system is fully integrated. (Drop us a line if you have questions on how M&M Fire Protection & Security can help make that happen!) A gate isn’t the only offering we have to help with driveway security. We can also install motion detectors and cameras that will push an alert to your phone if motion is detected in the driveway. This is handy if someone bypasses your gate – or if you wish to skip the gate option altogether.

Keypads – Key fobs & More

Although more often seen in commercial business use, keypads, card key access, etc. may be a solution for your residential needs as well. As smart tech has become more and more affordable and advanced, smart front door looks with a combination of keypad access and wireless control have become a much-requested feature. [Click here to learn more about our smart door locks.] The most common control mechanisms for a full access control system are as follows;

  • Keypad control with a password or PIN
  • Keycard, fob, etc.
  • Biometric – eye scan or thumbprint

All of these are options our team offers. The ‘key’ benefit to a fully smart access system goes beyond just the physical security it can provide. It also allows you as the system manager, to monitor the comings and goings of those with keys (cards, fobs, etc.) and to have that history stored.

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Working With You to Achieve Peace of Mind

The end goal of all of this technology, all of this work, is peace of mind. Whether you are at home or on that road trip you have planned so hard for, you can rest easy knowing that your castle is being monitored and protected by industry-leading solutions. (You can even double-check to make sure you closed that garage door or entry gate after leaving!) This is what we do here at M&M Fire Protection & Security. This is our passion. Will you let us partner with you? Get in touch today to learn more about our modern home security system. 

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