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Four Reasons to Install a (Smart) Home Security System

There is a litany of reasons why a security system is right for your home. This list is by no means exhaustive – we can think of many more than just four reasons to install a home security system off the top of our heads. We simply hope that this quick list encourages you to think of more reasons on your own and maybe consider giving the team here at M&M Fire Protection & Security a quick ring. Let’s get started!

M&M Fire Protection & Security - Home Security Sign - Residential Security Camera and Security Systems - Northern Indiana Service1 – A Sign of the Times

Ok, at first this may seem trivial, but the yard sign showing that your home is protected by a professionally installed security system can give any would-be home invaders pause. An M&M Fire Protection & Security sign (and window stickers) show that you have an industry-leading system installed by a trained technician. You can rest easy knowing that the system is installed correctly and featured 24/7 monitoring – something that the bad guy will be well aware of as well! It may be tempting to just go out and grab a fake security system sign, however, these are easy to spot – especially for a seasoned burglar! Visual crime deterrents work well when they are coupled with the physical hardware to back them up!

Smart home & Security Systems - M & M Fire Protection & Security2 – Control from your Finger Tips

Gone are the days of having to always remember to arm or disarm your system from its on-location control panel. Like the rest of the world, home security system technology has moved with the times. Now, smart control from your computer or smartphone is fully integrated and easy to use. Take advantage of features like automatic arming, remote security camera monitoring, remote access control, and more – all from the easy-to-use smartphone app. M&M Fire Protection & Security is proud to advance with changing technology and can help you with a new install or an upgrade of an antiquated security system. [Convinced? Get in touch with our team today.]

3 – Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Any way to save a few coins can be welcome in this day and age. The purchase and installation of a proper security system can coax discounts from your home insurance company. Although not standard, this discount can range from anywhere between 5% to 20% each year. [Check with your insurance provider for more details.]

4 – Peace of Mind

You can rest easier, knowing that your security system not only features the latest technology but was installed properly as well. Often, ‘boxed’ security systems that can be purchased online require a more extensive setup than initially advertised. You can trust our expert staff to answer any questions you have and ensure your system is running at its peak. We invite you to get in touch with us and join the M&M Fire Protection & Security family today.

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