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October is Fire Prevention Month! – Fire Safety Tips to Keep You & Yours Safe

The month of October brings with it Fall colors, Halloween candy… and Fire Safety Awareness Month!

Ok, we admit, the last item may not be as exciting as raiding your kid’s trick or treat candy, but fire prevention is no joke! Fires spread fast and can quickly overwhelm us and according to the Red Cross, it is the most common household disaster in our country. If a fire starts while you are asleep, you do not hear, see or smell the threats of fire. That is why having a loud, piercing smoke alarm is crucial to your family’s safety.

“There is a house fire every 87 seconds in the United States and over 350,000 individual home fires each year.”

Here are some fire safety tips from the team here at M&M Fire Protection & Security (in no particular order) that YOU can put into place this month;

Test Your Smoke & Heat Detectors

1: Test your smoke detectors! Smoke and heat alarms are a lot more advanced than they used to be. However, it is still vital that you double-check their function. Our modern smart system integrated detectors can be checked via the control panel or app and of course, they can be checked manually as well. It is actually recommended by the Red Cross to check your smoke detectors every month. October is a great month to begin that regiment! (Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about how our smart systems fully integrate smoke and heat alarms.)

2: Plan your escape! Talk with your family about what to do in case of a house fire. Put this plan into practice by rehearsing your fire drill plan. Knowing what to do if disaster strikes is the right thing to do and grants you the peace of mind to keep pressing forward.

3: Double-check your fire extinguishers. You may initially think that having fire extinguishers handy is only for businesses. The vast majority of fire deaths occur in residential settings! It is vital that you have fire suppression equipment handy, especially in the kitchen, as an estimated 50% of all house fires start in this part of the home. Need to purchase an extinguisher or need to have your current fire extinguishers serviced? Let the M&M team know!

4: Don’t spark! As the weather cools, many of us will be pulling the trusty space heater out of storage. Make sure that you are using proper electrical equipment and that your system can handle the load! Many house fires are caused by faulty, cheap extension cords overloaded by the strain of electric space heaters. Unplug small appliances like space heaters when they are not in use. Candles can create a cozy atmosphere, but sure to keep them out of the reach of children and always douse the wick before leaving for an appointment. Appliances like furnaces, stove tops, etc. burn fuel and can produce carbon monoxide. Click here to learn more about this silent and invisible threat.

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