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Tips for Securing Your Outbuildings (Sheds, Garages, Barns & More)

It may be tempting to consider sheds, detached garages, or barns as afterthoughts, but in many cases, our outbuildings can be just as important to us as our primary home. Often, these ancillary buildings hold valuables varying from extra home goods storage to farm equipment and are tempting targets to thieves and other ner do wells. Vandalism, burglaries, and more often occur in our area, and unfortunately, the detached nature of outbuildings can make them easy pickings.

The Initial Things to Consider

Put yourself in the mind of the bad guy. Where are the vulnerable points? Where could you more easily gain access? Is there underbrush or bushes that can create an easy patch to sneak along unseen? Where are the sightlines between your house and the outbuilding?

Keep your property well lit. Security lighting is one of your best tools to harden your security situation. Intruders may think twice if they notice that they will be lit up when entering your property. It can be easy to forget, but always remember to lock up any exterior doors and windows. Consider moving your most valuable items away from windows if possible. Make it as difficult as possible to break in and cart away your valuables.

If you are locking up a smaller building, like a backyard shed, don’t skimp on the padlock! A good quality lock is worth the slight extra cost. Hinges can be a weak point. Consider purchasing hinges with non-removable pins and secure them with non-removable bolts. If your shed is older, check for any structural weaknesses that may create an easy entry point.

Monitored Security Systems for Outbuildings

Consider expanding your monitored security system from just your home to include your outbuildings as well. On farms, for example, the value of the equipment stored in barns may be the most costly items on the premises. A monitored, high-resolution camera system should be combined with motion detectors, door and window sensors, and push notifications to your phone or computer. (On top of the professional monitoring of course.) Modern camera systems produce high-quality images and we would highly recommend cameras that feature infrared, night vision capabilities. Our installed systems also include the ability to link in smart alert fire and smoke alarms to alert you instantly.

Camera placement and proper installation of the system is key. Improper setup can result in a completely non-functioning system, or one that includes significant blindspots in its coverage. If you are considering a new system, upgrading your old system, or just want to start with an evaluation of your current setup, let the team here at M&M Fire Protection & Security know. We will work with you to create a customized security system for your particular situation.

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