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Spring Into a Secure Season: Three Tips to Up Your Home Security

Some Tips to Improve Your Home Security This Spring

Although the weather is still fluctuating between hot and cold, we can finally say that springtime is here! The new season allows us for a good reset point in many areas of our lives – and the security and setup of our home is one of those! Today, we will go over a few quick things you should review when it comes to your home’s spring security setup.

Check your Home Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers don’t last forever! To ensure the proper function of your fire extinguishers, be sure to have them serviced and checked by your local service provider. Businesses and other public venues are required to have their extinguishers inspected on a regular basis. This is something you should emulate for your home as well!

Integrated fire detection solutions connect to your phone and other smart devices, allowing for total home protection. This allows alerts to be pushed to your phone and for you to quickly and easily check the function of all of your connected smoke and heat detectors throughout your house. [Interested in learning more about this? Contact us by clicking here.]

Smart Home Security – Time for an update?

The days of throwing a camera onto the wall and calling it a security system are over. Criminals are smarter and the systems used to help defeat them are as well. Here at M&M Fire Protection & Security, our security systems have kept up with the times! Cameras, motion detectors, entry control, and more can all be routed to your chosen smart device to ensure ease of use and fast action. We encourage you to consider either updating your older system or if you have never had a security system installed before, contacting us today for a free quote.

Consider an integrated Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have become one of the more popular pieces of home security equipment over the past several years. Video doorbells let you visibly see who is at your door, can record late-night visitors, and allow for two-way communication via built-in cameras and microphones. However, integration into the rest of your security package can sometimes be lacking. The smart doorbells offered by M&M connect and sync with the rest of your home security setup. This allows for easier control and less steps in between you and your home security tech.

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