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Smart Doorbells – Video Monitoring Your Doors in 2020

The front door to your family’s house is the gate to your castle. It must be protected to keep you and your home safe. In today’s age of smartphones and smart devices, a smart doorbell may be a good choice to enhance your home’s security. M&M Fire Protection & Security can assist by not only installing a new video doorbell for you but also in merging it to ensure it works with your overall security system.

Secure Installation

The video doorbells we recommend here at M&M Fire Protection & Security are often wired directly into your home via the wires running to your existing, traditional doorbell. (If required, it can be mounted and run utilizing battery power as well.) We have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry to offer our Michiana clients what we consider to be the finest smart doorbell products in American today.

Video Doorbells – Modern Features

Video doorbells offer many advanced features including, full HD video, motion sensor activation, live monitoring from your smart devices or computer, automatic recording of video, multiple user log-ins, and much more. To many, the idea of having a two-way audio intercom from you to the person at your door or gate may have seemed like a luxury just a few years ago. This is now a standard feature! Our smart-bells are rugged, tamper-resistant, and feature night vision technology for nighttime use.

Stop The Scourge of Porch Pirates!

The addition of a video doorbell to your home’s security plan allows you to know who is at your door if you’re away from home, or just relaxing on the couch! You can see who is at the door and speak with them… they don’t know if you are at home or away. The video doorbell automatically begins recording anytime someone comes near it and you are automatically alerted to this activation with an alert pushed to your phone. The crystal-clear, wide-angle lens allows for the ultimate field of view.

With the rise in popularity of online shopping and deliveries, ‘porch pirates’ are becoming an increasing risk. Stories of valuable Amazon deliveries being snatched off the front doorstep by drive-by thieves are, unfortunately, not uncommon. The addition of a visible, video doorbell helps to decrease the chances of someone attempting to steal a package off of your doorstep. This allows you to continue to shop online with true peace of mind.

Full Sales & Installation Service

M&M Fire Protection & Security stands ready to assist you in choosing the right model of smart doorbell and utilizing our hard-won security expertise to correctly implement it into your overall home security plan. Our system can be combined and packaged with a Bluetooth controlled front door lock. This allows you to see who is at the door, and grant them entry remotely via your phone. A great feature if you have relatives coming into town during the day or your kid misplaced their house key!

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