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Tips for Securing Your Outbuildings (Sheds, Garages, Barns & More)

It may be tempting to consider sheds, detached garages, or barns as afterthoughts, but in many cases, our outbuildings can be just as important to us as our primary home. Often, these ancillary buildings hold valuables varying from extra home goods storage to farm equipment and are tempting targets to thieves and other ner do […]

Access Control for Home & Business – Key Fobs, Badges, Gates & More

Even with the advancements in the field of passive security systems such as cameras and motion detectors, physical security tools have not gone away. In fact, combining access control systems with your overall security system is often the easiest and most affordable way to greatly increase the potency of your safety and security plan. There […]

Detecting and Preventing Water & Fire Damage – Smart Home & Business Solutions

Water and fire. They are two opposing sides of the spectrum, but they can be equally as destructive to your home or business. Every year, many families and business owners deal with flooding and fire damage. Not always, but often, this damage can be mitigated through preventative measures. Here at M&M Fire Protection & Security, […]