“Have you thought of…” – Some Quick Security Tips for your Home or Business

In the business of our lives, it is easy to miss small details. Here are a few safety and security tips that may bring some ideas to mind!

Proper exit lights are required by code. Are yours in good working order? Indiana’s fire code covers the entire state, however, localities may have additional requirements that you must meet when it comes to marked egress equipment. Fortunately, M&M Fire Protection & Security is familiar with both state and local regulations and can help you navigate through red tape to ensure your building is safe, and compliant. [Contact us for more information.]

Driveway motion sensors may seem like a simple addition, but their usefulness is unquestioned. These sensors can be tied into your smart security system to allow for multiple options. Do you want to receive a notice on your phone when someone pulls into your home or business drive? That can be setup by our techs. Do you want certain lights to come on when a car pulls up to your home? That can also be set. Multiple options can be tied together to create a comprehensive smart home system. This not only provides additional security, but can create an inviting atmosphere for arriving visitors.

Storing security camera footage. Installing security cameras is considered by some to be straightforward, but once they are up and ready to go another question arises. Where does the footage go? Should the footage be stored locally? Should it be stored in the cloud? These are decisions you should make with your security installation technician. Making sure you have enough space to store good, high-resolution footage is key to the effectiveness of your camera system. It doesn’t do much good if the bad guys can’t be identified through grainy footage!

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