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Summer Security & Smart Home Tips

We are in the dead of summer right now and with that comes summer fun – and summer heat! Here are a few quick tips to help you save some money on energy bills and keep your home secure during these warm months.

The summer heat has us sweating – and with that, comes higher energy bills. The additional work expected of our air conditioners and fans can be a big drain on our energy expenses. Consider a programmable thermostat! Scheduling the use of your air conditioner throughout the day on an automatic basis allows for maximum comfort and maximum efficiency.

Smart home systems aren’t just convenient, they can be essential when it comes to making sure your home is as efficient and forward-thinking as possible. Not sure if all of the lights are off at home? Want to make sure that you turned off your appliances? A smart home system installed by M&M Fire Protection & Security allows you that control and peace of mind right from your phone with a few simple button presses.

Sunshine and clear weather means we may be in and out of our homes more than in other times of the year. With that comes, the potential for us to leave a garage door open or a front door unlocked. Smart security systems like the ones offered by M&M, give you remote access and control to make sure your doors are closed and secured. (Once again, all from any computer or smart device!)

Cool water is welcomed during the summer – except when it comes in the form of unseen leaks! Gone are the days of hoping to hear a shrill alarm emanating from your basement. Emergency water detectors can be tied into your smart home system to push alerts directly to your phone. This means you can immediately react to leaks, even if you aren’t home.

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