Threat Assessment Solutions partners with Gentle Response for De-escalation Training

Threat Assessment Solutions, a M&M Fire Protection & Security division, is pleased to partner with Gentle Response, a leading provider of advanced conflict de-escalation training. Threat Assessment Solutions (TAS) is headquartered in Goshen, Indiana, and is focused on assisting churches, businesses, and other organizations to prepare for potential threats through security and threat assessments, training, and more. This new partnership with Gentle Response allows us to provide this training as part of an integrated assessment package to help you prepare your team. Listen to TAS team members Brad and Dustin discuss this training in this video.

About Threat Assessment Solutions: Preparedness for disasters and critical incidents is key to preventing injury/loss of life. Proper procedures can also provide liability protection for your business, church, or other organization. In today’s world, the threats are real – but you can take the initiative to keep yourself and your team safe.

A division of M&M Fire Protection & Security, Threat Assessment Solutions brings decades of relevant and industry-leading experience to each threat assessment we complete. We aim to provide not just a list of potential dangers, but solutions for you to implement! Contact our office today – we are glad to answer any questions about how our team can serve yours!