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Bluetooth – Control of Your Home From the Press of a Button

Bluetooth devices have become ubiquitous throughout our lives. From hands-free phone headsets to wireless speakers, we use Bluetooth connected devices on almost a daily basis. (At least I do!) However, have you ever considered the convenience they can add to your home and lifestyle? 

About Bluetooth – Bluetooth wireless technology utilizes UHF radio waves as a wireless alternative to cumbersome data cables. Bluetooth acted as a standard to unite wireless communication and was named after the Danish King Harald Bluetooth who united fractured Danish tribes into a singular kingdom. Appropriate, as Bluetooth chips are utilized in nearly 1 billion new devices every year! 

There are numerous ways M&M Fire Protection & Security of Goshen, Indiana can integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into your home security protocols. Today, we will cover two of our most popular options – smart door locks and smart garage doors.

Controlling Entry – Smart Front (or back) Door Locks

Bluetooth controlled front door locks are one of our most popular additions and are a common first step toward a full ‘smart home’ conversion. These allow you to immediately grant entry via your phone. A great feature if you have relatives coming into town during the day or a family member misplaced their house key! Some models of smart locks include biometric (fingerprint) access as a feature. Anti-theft features and alerts are also available.

One concern some people have is if the power fails. Not to worry – a standard house key can always be used to gain entry. We recommend that you consider combining one of these smart locks with a video doorbell for additional security and usefulness. [Click here for more about smart doorbells.]

Smart Garage Door Openers (and Closers!)

We can also assist with the installation of a Bluetooth controlled smart-garage door controller, easily commanded from any smart device. Your garage acts as your personal embarkation room. From here you gate off in your vehicle, ready to conquer the world. You hit the open road only to think… did I remember to close the garage door? Smart garage door openers from M&M Fire Protection & Security can be implemented utilizing geo-fencing. This means that the distance from your smart device and the garage door sensor is automatically measured and the garage door will automatically close when you are a set distance away from it. This is a perfect enhancement to your peace of mind. 

They can also be set by an automatic timer, closing it if your busy schedule distracts you from securing it in the closed position. [This may be a good addition for your business location as well – no more open access bay doors!] 

Bluetooth – More Than Just Headsets!

As you can see, Bluetooth technology can be a lot more versatile than you may have initially believed. One of the greatest benefits of purchasing the installation of any of these products from M&M Fire Protection & Security is that you can rest easy knowing the installation will be done right – and we will stand behind our work. We will work to ensure that these additions are fully blended with any existing or future security system plans. Our team strives to provide premium, hometown service at a reasonable price point. 

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About Us: Serving the Michiana region since 1993, M&M is your local security company with nationwide expertise. Headquartered in Goshen, Indiana, we are proud to be a member of our vibrant, growing community. Contact our team of “Best of the Best” technicians today for more information and to ask any questions you may have. We are happy to assist! [Click here to drop us a line.]

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